Eva Silberknoll

about life, art and myself

Eva Silberknoll is an international artist from Austria in love with the sewing machine and crazy about scents. She is known for her expressive mixed media pieces, where she brings together photography, embroidery and fragrances. Her work is internationally exhibited from Galerie Zugängliche Kunst in Carinthia to Fotoquartier Wien in Vienna alongside with Maison 10 and Olfactory Art Keller in New York City. She lives and works in Burgenland, in the eastern part of Austria.

Artist Statement

The photograph is the centre of my artistic work, it is the canvas for my mixed media pieces. There I combine photography, colours, textile working methods and fragrances. 

My creative career began as a fashion designer, so textile techniques are an integral part of my creative practice. The stories I tell with my work are about personal journeys, desires and dreams – always told from a female perspective. What is it like to go your own path, away from all norms, expectations and pigeonholes? The message „Why be normal when you can be yourself?“ runs like a common thread through my artistic work. 

Staged photography helps me to visualise this and leaves enough room for the viewer’s narrative. I find inspiration in everyday life, in my surroundings, as well as in fashion and interior design. The use of scents makes it possible to create experiences with all the senses.

 It is also important to me that my pieces of art surprise. It can therefore happen that you discover a stitched rainbow on a Polaroid. What does that mean? I’ll leave that up to you.


embroidered Polaroids

mixed media photography